Stebbins teacher arrested for attempted production of child pornography

Stebbins, Alaska is a city in the Nome Census Area.
Stebbins, Alaska is a city in the Nome Census Area.(AK Division of Community and Regional Affairs)
Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 10:03 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - A 65-year-old man who taught in Stebbins, Alaska for at least nine years has been charged with attempted production of child pornography and attempted coercion and enticement of a minor.

Charing documents state Lon Dean Gillas used his school Google Hangouts chat to contact a minor. The Bering Strait School District supplied investigators with copies of Gillas’ communications through his school Google account.

Chats with the minor began on his school account in June 2020. Gillas asks the minor about her mother before sending her sexually explicit photos and asking her to send photos of herself.

The charging documents state Gillas had initiated communication with the minor outside of his school account first and the messages recorded on his work email were a continuation of the conversation. He knew the minor through her mother, who he met on a BDSM fetish website Gillas told investigators.

In the exchange, as stated in court documents, Gillas asks who he believes is as 16-year-old if she was still a virgin and called her explicit names and a “horny teen.”

According to chats included in charging documents, Gillas frequently asked the minor to convince her mother to let her fly to Alaska.

“Just get her to agree,” Gillas wrote. “I will pay for it,” he said before asking her to do sexually explicit acts.

In the charges, Gillas is quoted as asking the minor if she knows about the BDSM concept of being a “slave” and he followed that up by asking her about being branded and wearing a collar.

Gillas directed the minor to do several sexually explicit acts by herself and with other people. When other people were involved he asked her to send him photos and if the other people were minor boys, he told her to ask them for payment.

The minor told Gillas that her mother knew about the communications between her and Gillas but advised her not to send personal information or photos of herself.

“It is kinda hard not be personal in a Master-slave situation,” Gillas said, according to charging documents.

Investigators said it did not appear that the minor had sent photos of herself.

In later messages, Gillas directed the minor to wear revealing clothing in public places for other people to see.

Gillas also told investigators that he had directed the minor to sleep with two other minors and asked her to take payment of a quarter from the male minor.

The last recorded communication between Gillas and the minor was July 12, where Gillas told the minor to receive payment for going out with another boy who wanted to be her boyfriend.

Gillas is being charged for attempted coercion and enticement of a minor as investigators say he frequently asked the minor to take photos of herself and engage in sexual activity with other minors.

Dr. Bobby Bolen, Superintendent of the Bering Strait School District, confirmed early Thursday morning that “Gillas is employed by BSSD, but not under duty contract at this time.”

“We have no knowledge of any misconduct with any students, staff, or community members in Stebbins or our district,” Bolen said.

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