Goat Yoga is back on for 2020 season

Goat Yoga takes place at the Inlet Tower August, 20, 2020
Goat Yoga takes place at the Inlet Tower August, 20, 2020(KTUU)
Published: Aug. 20, 2020 at 9:38 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Southcentral residents tried to take the weight off their shoulders and put a goat on their backs at a sunny yoga session Thursday.

Goat Yoga has become one of the newest ways to practice yoga, and it’s no surprise that it’s taken off in Anchorage. For $20 a session, participants can practice yoga while a baby goat jumps, nibbles or sleeps on them.

The event is hosted by Inlet Tower Hotel and Suites and has been running since last summer. The 2020 sessions got off to a late start because of COVID-19, but the two most recent sessions are already sold out.

Suzy Crosby, known as the “Fairy Goat Mother,” is the owner of Cottonwood Creek Farm in Wasilla. She says her baby goats love people and, once they get older, enjoy jumping off of them too.

“There’s such a natural bond between people and goats and especially people and baby goats,” Crosby said.

She supplies the goats for yoga while they’re still young enough to comfortably stand on someone’s back. She says she doesn’t have to do anything to train the goats, as it is a natural instinct for them to jump on things in front of them.

The goats at the Inlet Tower Thursday were between seven days and several weeks old. Around three weeks old and the goats begin to really jump, but by three months they’re more interested in eating.

“People are fascinated with goats, you know, goats are kind of the missing link between pets and livestock. If it was cow yoga it would be like nah, whatever,” Crosby said.

Crosby has several goat wranglers whose sole qualification is they must love goats. For that job, Crosby has enlisted 12-year-old Rachel White and 11-year-old Neve Higenstein to herd goats and place them on patrons.

“I’ve seen one fall asleep on someone’s legs and so they couldn’t move for the whole goat yoga, and they fell asleep for the whole time,” White, who’s on her second season of wrangling, said.

Higenstein says she has her own goats at home, but now they’re too big to do goat yoga with, so coming to the event allows her to spend more time with young goats.

“They’re very cute and they feel very fragile to me because my goats are 40 pounds,” Higenstein said

Future Goat Yoga sessions are planned in September, and Crosby said she has eight mothers due to give birth soon. New kids may appear at future Goat Yoga events.

Once the goats get older, they become “superb future milkers” Crosby said. A year from now the babies will be the parents.

Goat Yoga will be held again on Aug. 27 and on Sept. 17. The September event is a fundraiser for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. For more information about future events, go to the listing here.

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