Sen. Dan Sullivan talks ANWR and climate change in ‘Get Out The Native Vote’ forum

Published: Oct. 23, 2020 at 7:55 AM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Get Out The Native Vote continued its Facebook Live interview series with Alaska’s candidates for Senate on Thursday. Incumbent Sen. Dan Sullivan getting his opportunity to answer the group’s list of questions.

On the topic of ANWR, Nikki Graham, the Director at Alaska’s People, asked Sullivan “What is your philosophy on proper resource development? Specifically, what is your stance on responsible resource development including the opening of ANWR?”

Sullivan responded by saying: “One of the reasons I ran for the Senate in 2014 is that I saw that the previous administration was not supporting us on these issues so you mentioned ANWR I was proud to work with Senator Murkowski in the Senate to get that done to get it open, we can do that responsibly, we will do it responsibly, but that’s as you know something that Alaskan’s have been working on to try to get done for the last 45 years. Very bipartisan still in Alaska still strongly supported. I will Say my opponent is supported by many many groups that don’t agree with this that don’t want even roads in Alaska.”

The state’s junior senator was also asked about climate change, Graham phrasing her question in two parts. “Alaska is on the front lines of climate change, wildfires, storms, warmer temperatures, and more are slowly threatening the viability of Alaska’s rural native villages. How will you support efforts for emergency preparedness to address the immediate and long term impacts on our changing climate? And secondly what are your thoughts on the Paris Agreement?” Said Graham.

In part, Sullivan responded by saying: “We see it, you known we’re on the front lines of what’s happening. To me, there are a number of things that need to be happening first and you touched on it but the resiliency and mitigation that we need to have, particularly with our coastal communities has to be a priority so I was able to get funding for the Denali commission that was involved in the moving of the village of Newtok. In the environment and public works committee highway bill we were able to get, just passed out of committee, 21-0 by the way, close to a billion dollars on mitigation and resiliency so I think this is starting to be imputed into infrastructure projects be them military or federal highways and I think that’s really important.”

We chose to highlight the same answers to the same questions for both sitting Sullivan and challenger Dr. Al Gross for consistency.

The full interviews covered a myriad of topics, you can find the full Get Out The Native Vote interview with Dan Sullivan here and the full interview with Dr. Al Gross here.

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