Country music singer plays Zoom concert for 3rd graders in Cordova

Published: Dec. 24, 2020 at 8:47 AM AKST
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CORDOVA, Alaska (KTUU) - It was an impromptu question by Dylan Johnson’s third grade class at Mt. Eccles Elementary School in Cordova, Alaska, that led her to reach out to up-and-coming country music singer Spencer Crandall. What happened next was the beginning of creating some new young fans. So, how did this chance meeting come about? Johnson and Crandall can explain.

“The topic of being famous actually got brought up in our class one day and I was like, ‘oh, this is a good idea,’ so we kind of went with it,“ said Johnson.

“She was just saying you know she’s got a young impressionable group of kids and they want to ask a couple questions. So, I was like well, just give me a Zoom link and we’ll hop on and hang out,” said Crandall.

To her surprise, Johnson said “OK” and that’s when the class was introduced to Crandall via Zoom.

“They had so many funny questions. You know they’re like 8 or 9, so a lot of them were like, ‘are you famous?’” said Crandall.

Johnson said he also asked the students a lot about Alaska, which made them feel comfortable warming up to him.

“I asked a lot of them what they want to do when they grow up, we talked about chasing your dreams,” Crandall said.

Then came another treat: Crandall played the class one of his popular songs called “My Person.”

”We took advantage of that and ended up making a music video to it. The students just took over, they planned all the scenes, they did all the things, I was just the cameraman really, they just took over and made this amazing music video,” explained Johnson.

“There’s these weird moments in your life that somebody if they can kind of break through and say something, it can really change something for somebody. It was just a real honor that somebody would even care what I have to say or think. I’ll just keep putting out music and connecting with fans, even if they are 8 or 9 years old,” said Crandall.

Crandall’s music has hit 50 million total streams and his album just went #1 on iTunes. His sound is rooted in country music and country storytelling. He even posted the music video that Johnson’s class made on his Instagram page. It’s already racked up more than 13,000 views.

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