Keeping pets safe through New Year’s Eve celebrations

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Published: Dec. 31, 2020 at 12:00 PM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Ushering out the old year and ringing in the new, many people will be celebrating the close of 2020, and some of that excitement might be rough on your pets.

Whether you know your animal is afraid of loud noises or you have a new animal, Laura Atwood at Anchorage Animal Care and Control says there are some ways you can keep your pets safe and calm during the holiday.

Although fireworks are illegal in the Municipality of Anchorage, Atwood says the reality is there will be loud noises on New Year’s Eve.

If you are worried about your pet Atwood has some suggestions.

Stay close to your pet.

“The simplest thing to do, which is what we should be doing this year anyway, is just stay home,” says Atwood. “Just stay home with your dog with your cat on a night when you know that there’s going to be a lot of loud noise that could stress them out and make it a difficult night for them.”

Keep your pets inside.

Cats, according to Atwood, should be inside anyway, but she urges owners to watch when opening doors to make sure a startled feline doesn’t run out.

Dogs have to go outside but stay close, even if you have a fenced yard.

“So when you do let them outside if you don’t have a fence make sure they’re on leash, if you do have a fence go out with them,” says Atwood.

“Just play it safe and just be with them.”

Make sure your pet’s contact information is up to date.

In case your animal does get away from you, make sure your information is current with the company that microchipped your pet.

Also, if your dog has a digital QR license tag with the Municipality you can update your information at Pet Hub. Anyone who finds your dog with a digital QR license tag can use a smart device to get your information and contact you directly.

“Then also check with us,” says Atwood referring to AACC. “If your animal gets lost and somebody brings your dog to us, if we have your recent information, your up-to-date information then we can call you immediately and let you know that your animal is here.”

Mask loud sounds with music or white noise to help keep your pet calm.

Atwood also suggests using something to mask the sounds of fireworks. She says there are several options on YouTube if you don’t know what to play.

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