Healthy Living: Trading resolutions for smart goals

Channel 2 Morning Edition (6 a.m.)
Published: Jan. 5, 2021 at 8:07 AM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - A new year usually means new resolutions but oftentimes that derails come February, why is that?

In this week’s Healthy Living, we spoke with a health and wellness director to talk about why this year’s goals will look a lot different.

“I think we need to realize that we’re not going back to normal, it’s going to be a different normal, but it won’t be the old normal, but we will get there,” said Ruth Townsend, Director of Health and Well-being Solutions at Alaska Regional Hospital.

She said when it comes to making resolutions, think of it more as setting smart goals.

“I would say sleep and exercise and healthy nutrition and not make it a diet, not make it an exercise regime, but kind of work on those things,” said Townsend.

On a broader level, Townsend said focus on physical, mental and community health.

“For everybody that’s had to be working remotely, that have had kids at home, all those kinds of things, you know what have you learned from that? Don’t keep dealing with the issues and the problems of that what can you do differently,” she explained.

Still, Townsend said sleep, by far, covers a lot of areas.

“If you aren’t getting for adults 7 to 9 hours of sleep then you’re not going to eat well, you’re not going to stay hydrated well and you’re probably not going to feel like exercising because you’re tired,” said Townsend.

But, if the motivation still isn’t there, don’t be ashamed to reach out for additional help.

“Certainly don’t be embarrassed by this, don’t be afraid of this, it’s hitting everybody in different ways and some more than others,” said Townsend.

She also added that getting outside is a great option for physical activity.

As far as a routine goes, Townsend said don’t worry about focusing on just one, but rather keep moving all day and set alarms for yourself as a reminder if you have to.

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