Girl Scouts gear up for another cookie season

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 6:58 AM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Even with a pandemic still going on, the Girl Scouts of Alaska are still preparing to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

GSA CEO Leslie Ridle said last season the pandemic disrupted sales about halfway through. Like all the other businesses out there, the girls had to adapt to continue selling their products.

That means they’ve got some practice selling in a COVID-19 world, and Ridle said they’ve got many different methods set up for people to buy safely.

Last year, Ridle said they quickly stopped doing booths and instead started doing drive-thru cookies, socially distanced orders, home drop-offs and really emphasizing digital sales on a platform that existed a few years before the pandemic.

It’ll be more of the same this time around, Ridle said. However, in March she said there would start to be more booths set up around town.

It’s all about the cookies for the customers, but for the girls, it’s about learning about entrepreneurial skills. Ridle said they’re still getting that.

“The girl still is in charge of who she talks to, she still has to deliver them, find a way to do it safely, so there’s all sorts of the same skills that are still used even in digital,” Ridle said.

All of the money stays in the state to help with the program according to Ridle. If girls sell enough cookies, Ridle explained they can get credit for summer camp as a prize. Last year, camp was canceled. However, all the scholarships the girls got in 2020 will be valid in 2021.

Right now, folks can start buying the cookies online. You can either look up where to buy them by your zip code on their website or reach out to a girl scout that you know.

Ridle said the cookies will arrive in state in February, but folks can keep buying them until March 28th.

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