Anchorage Animal Care & Control in need of rabbit adopters

Bunny available for adoption at Anchorage Animal Care and Control
Bunny available for adoption at Anchorage Animal Care and Control(kTUU)
Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 6:58 PM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The rabbits at Anchorage Animal Care & Control are multiplying like, well, rabbits. Public Information Officer Laura Atwood says they currently have 12 rabbits up for adoption, and that’s after they adopted out a couple over the weekend.

“I think what happens is that people see domestic rabbits out in their neighborhood during the summer, during the warmer months, and they don’t worry about them that much. And then winter comes and then they worry about them,” says Atwood. “So that’s when they tend to bring the rabbits in, to us. We get them either as strays who have just been out in neighborhoods, but clearly, these are domestic rabbits and you can tell they’re used to people.”

The shelter is now reaching out to the community to see if anyone wants to provide a forever home to a bunny or two. Atwood says they are animals with a lot of personality, fun and are very smart. She says they can even be walked on a leash and trained to use a litter box. Atwood says she has one adopter who even lets her rabbit free roam the house along with her two other dogs and a cat.

“There’s a couple important things we always like to let people know, one is that rabbits should not spend all of their time in a kennel,” says Atwood. “Our favorite line around here is to say, even animals that spend some of their time in a cage, they need to use their legs. So you need to get them out in your house, you can learn about rabbit-proofing your home so that they can get out safely and spend time moving about.”

There are rabbit enclosures for purchase, toys that keep them entertained and a lot of options for chew toys. Atwood says rabbits are very social creatures, so it’s important that they spend time with their humans and other rabbits. A domestic rabbit can live 8-10 years. And if more than one rabbit is desired, Atwood suggests getting the same sex, or else you may have a rabbit problem of your own.

All adoptions at Anchorage Animal Care and Control are by appointment only. If you think a rabbit would be a good fit for your family, you can take a look at the rabbits available on their website, identify a couple you would like to meet, call and make an appointment and perhaps take one or two home with you. To make an appointment, call 907-343-8122.

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