‘Woo child tired of the COVID’: Faculty rewrites Lizzo’s song, makes music video about school’s pandemic mitigation plans

Published: Feb. 3, 2021 at 9:40 AM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - It’s a catchy tune and a good cause, the faculty at Aquarian Charter School made a music video this week to welcome students back and explain the new pandemic mitigation measures in place for students.

Over the beat of a famed Lizzo song teachers from Aquarian Charter School can be heard singing “mask on, check my space, class how you feel? feeling good today.”

The idea for this delightful video was hatched over the Christmas break and then filmed this past Sunday. The intent was to make students feel both comfortable and welcome as they get ready to return to in-person learning Monday, Feb. 8.

Inspired by a video some of her staff had seen of a teacher in another state, principal Brittany Nerland and the teachers of Aquarian Charter School determined that this could be a great opportunity to set their kids at ease as they physically return to school for the first time in almost a year.

“We’re bringing K-6 back and we wanted them to know that yeah we’ve got this mitigation in place, we’re going to have masks on, but we’re still fun, we’re still your silly passionate teachers and we are excited and we are going to have a good time,” says Nerland.

While the full student body isn’t slated to return until Monday, there have been small groups of students in the building already. And for both those students, and for their teachers, the return to some semblance of normalcy has been welcomed.

“As soon as those kids walked back in our building it’s like the entire climate change. Just the energy was back, staff were smiling. I mean they’re family, they’re our kids, and they’re coming back in the building,” said Nerland. “It’s like the world is right again because teaching to a computer screen has been awful and while our teachers are doing amazing things and our kids are definitely learning it’s not what they signed up for. It’s like they have all of the emails and the meetings but they’re not getting any of that joy and so when kids started coming back in the building it was like okay I remember why I got into this again.”

When Aquarian Charter School fully opens back up to their K-6 students this coming week, they expect to have somewhere in the area of 300 kids in the building. That is the majority of their student body, and if this video is any indication, all of them will be walking into an exciting environment that’s ready to get back to class.

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