Pipeline Vocal Project hopes to breathe new life into the vocal scene in Alaska

Published: Feb. 26, 2021 at 7:48 AM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Pipeline Vocal Project is a talented trio that’s making waves in Alaska and hoping to breathe new life into the local vocal scene here in Alaska. We chatted with the ladies over zoom to get to know the group and what’s next for them. If you watched Alaska’s News Source in December 2020, you may have seen them performing on our airwaves. If you didn’t, you’re missing out.

Pipeline Vocal Project is an Anchorage-based acapella group. Lisa Hawkins, Molly Dieni and Adriana Latonio make up the trio. The group’s been busy building their social media presence and following but took some time to talk to me about an exciting opportunity. But before we get to that, let’s get to know the group a little bit more.

It was founded just two years ago in 2019 after Hawkins, who spent time in the lower 48 wanted to cultivate the culture of a cappella in Alaska.

“I wanted to build a group and I reached out to Audrey who I knew from our childhood. We had the same voice coach and thank goodness she was on board. That was kind of where my connections ended, so I went to the social media and I found Molly and the rest is history,” she said.

The group’s sound is versatile and they like to put their own spin on songs. Each brings their own unique talent to the table and when you put it all together, you get a powerhouse of a sound.

“We were all musicians ahead of this, but kind of bringing our sound together and figuring out our individual sounds and our sounds as Pipeline Vocal Project has been amazing and the response we’ve gotten has been wonderful,” said Dieni.

The trio has grown not only as a group, but they’ve formed a close friendship as well.

“Just being able to spend a lot of time and working towards something that we all really care about has made our bond that much stronger,” added Latonio.

We had some fun testing that “bond” to see who knows who best by asking them some rapid-fire questions and seeing if they agreed on an answer. My first question to the ladies, who is the funniest of the group?

Dieni said Latonio because of her uncanny ability to imitate people saying,” It’s so good and so frustrating.”

From there, Latonio, or “Audrey” as the group calls her went on to impersonate fellow member Lisa’s different types of laughs.

Turns out, Lisa is the serious one and night owl. Dieni is the early riser, Latonio is the best dancer and Lisa is the clumsiest.

Then came the curveball question. I said, “Who’s the best singer?”

There was a brief silence, but Dieni went on to say they all have different strengths vocally, but I chimed in to say it was a trick question because they are all great singers. I even gave them a sample of my singing and invited the opportunity to join should they ever need a 4th member.

In the end, while I may not have a career in music, I think it’s safe to say the ladies of Pipeline Vocal Project definitely do.

You can watch them perform virtually at the Los Angeles A Capella Festival on Saturday, February 27th at 5 p.m. Alaska time. Click here to visit their website for the link and connect with them on social media.

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