Making Green Choices: Alaska’s Weather Source goes zero-waste

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 7:00 AM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The team at Alaska’s Weather Source took up the challenge to go one day with producing zero waste. Here are some of the team members’ thoughts at the end of the exercise. They’d love to hear about your best tips to keep trash out of the landfill.

Melissa Frey, Chief Meteorologist

“I’ve always been fairly conscious of how much waste I produce and I try to be good about recycling everything I can to make my additions to the landfill as small as possible, but attempting to go waste free as a challenge to do “One Green Thing” for Earth Day has definitely made me more aware of the waste I do produce. I noticed most of the waste I produce was at meal times. As a busy mom who works full time, I save time in my day by purchasing healthy single packaged food items and vegetables that come pre-washed and cut in plastic bags for both me and my family. They’re convenient, but the packaging can rarely be recycled. This is something I’ll be more aware of at the grocery store in the future.”

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Jackie Purcell, Senior Meteorologist

“The zero-waste challenge was eye-opening about all the things we ‘open,’ and then throw away all the packaging it comes in. And how many paper products we use and throw away on a daily basis.

I learned that it isn’t that difficult to train yourself to adapt new habits. I carry a metal straw, and plan on using cloth napkins at home way more often, and to steer clear of the urge to use paper towels for everything.

Planet Earth is like a precious resource. I want to do what I can to ensure it has a healthy existence far into the future.”

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Aaron Morrison, Meteorologist

“One day without waste may sound easy, but as humans who are conditioned in routine and constantly throwing things away, you realize just how hard it can be. Several times throughout the day when I went to throw just little things away, I had to stop myself. A routine generally requires a sense of unconsciousness, in that we do it without even realizing we are doing it. The hardest thing during the entire one day without waste was getting in the mindset of what I was actually doing it for. While it started off on a hard note, by the end of the day I began to have a handle on it. One of my favorite things although time consuming at times, was being able to find new ways to repurpose what we think is trash. There were a few things throughout the day I just had to throw away, but even the waste I saved was beneficial for the landfill and the earth. I hope to take the things I learned and slowly build on them so that by next Earth Day I can say I’ve put a dent in my waste.”

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Tracy Sinclare, Meteorologist

“Overall I thought the day went pretty well. I messed up a couple of times — I couldn’t recycle my tea cup from the coffee stand or my to-go dinner box — but focusing on zero waste really made me think and be very conscious about what packaging was around something and what I would have to throw away if I picked up a certain item. I thought it was a really good experiment. I’m going to stick with the reusable bags that will take the place of the plastic bags I use all the time. Those were a great find.”

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