In Fairview, hopes for continued revitalization, crime prevention

Fairview neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska.
Fairview neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska.(KTUU)
Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 10:02 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Among Anchorage’s various and lively neighborhoods is Fairview, a diverse community located a little southeast of downtown. For years, many of its members have worked tirelessly to revitalize the area in and around the neighborhood through community projects, traffic flow changes and more.

Now, following a deadly shooting this week, that work will continue, with the neighborhood’s community council president expressing a doubling down of the efforts to move forward with other improvements around the area.

“We’ve made substantial improvements, and we’re proud of those improvements,” said Fairview Community Council President Allen Kemplen. “But we’re not satisfied. And we see we have work to do. And we’re going to keep working.”

Some in the Fairview community would prefer that more crime prevention tools implemented, but what those may look like can differ from person to person. Kemplen believes more frequent foot and bike patrols in certain corridors of the neighborhood could help bring crime rates down.

“Not just rolling through,” he said, “but stopping, and waving the flag so to speak – the public safety flag.”

Fairview resident Theodore Carter said he doesn’t see a need for a larger police presence, but that he believes a greater community watch program could benefit all.

“The crime that happens is so sporadic and out-of-the-norm,” he said. “It probably gets a lot of attention, but Fairview is a very safe place.”

Both Kemplen and Carter agree, though, that overall, Fairview is fantastic. They pointed out pristine paths, well-traveled trails and grand views in the area as just some of the reasons people enjoy the neighborhood.

“The diversity, the welcomeness,” Carter added. “I love the houses, I love the people; some of the friendliest people I’ve ever come across.”

Kemplen also noted several new and ongoing projects, such as a community garden, an art contest for a local park, and “Fairview, Anchorage, AK” signs that have been sprinkled throughout the area’s streets.

“I’ve only seen Fairview at its best; right now,” Carter said. “So, it’s a great place to live, safe place to live, great place to raise a family. And the school system is great and so supportive. And look at the view. I mean, who could not appreciate Fairview?”

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