Public encouraged to enjoy the art along Chester Creek Trail

Salmon in the City project highlights importance of fish to Alaska
Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 6:23 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - People who walk or bike the Chester Creek Trail may notice there are artists at work. Two large murals are taking shape under the bridges at both A and C Streets.

Artist Rejoy Armamento is working on the C Street tunnel mural. The colorful scene depicts a winter and summer view of salmon heading out to sea and returning to their birthplace in Alaska streams.

“So it’s almost symbolic of remembering your roots,” Armamento said. “Remembering where you come from. Remembering who you were before.”

Artist William Kozloff's mural depicts an Athabascan story
Artist William Kozloff's mural depicts an Athabascan story(ktuu)

Armamento’s is one of four art installations along the Chester Creek Trail. Spray paint artist William Kozloff is working on another mural under the A Street bridge. It depicts an Athabascan legend about a woman who falls in love with a salmon.

If fish sounds like a common theme, it is. Anchorage Public Art Curator Gideon Gerlt said the work is intended to celebrate “Salmon in the City”, particularly along Chester Creek. According to Gerlt, the money to fund the public art came from a 2008 grant from ConocoPhillips that had money left over. Gideon said $34,000 is paying for all four projects.

Artist Charlie Pardue constructs a traditional fish drying rack at Westchester Lagoon
Artist Charlie Pardue constructs a traditional fish drying rack at Westchester Lagoon(ktuu)

In addition to the murals, artist Charlie Pardue is constructing a giant fish drying rack at the Westchester Lagoon Overlook. Pardue said people have enjoyed watching him work.

“The locals are really curious,” he said. “They’ve been making trips down to check it out and watch the progress.”

Painter Danielle Larson is working on a piece that will be installed on the exterior of the Busy Beans Café, and also at West Chester Lagoon. The artwork should be completely finished by early August.

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