West High runners sweep steel bucket relays

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 7:03 AM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The West Anchorage High School boys cross-country relay team stole the steel bucket at the last second on Wednesday, and the girls relay team gets to keep the bucket for another year.

The winning girls relay team of senior Sophie Mayers, freshman Zoey Rodgers, senior Payton Smith and senior Lily Pannkuk took first place in the 4x2-Kilometer relay with a time of 34 minutes, 44 seconds.

For the boys, the winning relay team consisted of senior Misha Turchaninov, senior Isaac Main, sophomore Murphy Kimball and junior Ethan Eski. They took first with a time of 29:12.

The two winning teams get to keep the steel bucket trophy and paint it however they would like. The boys said they are going to repaint the bucket orange and black with an eagle stencil. Since the girls bucket is already black and orange, the girls team said they are going to add some sparkle to the bucket to make it theirs.

In addition to the two big buckets that go to the winning relay teams, the top 10 finishers in the boys and girls races get a small bucket to take home as well.

Boys Relay Results

1. West A 29:12 (Eski, Main, Turchaninov, Kimball)

2. Dimond A 29:12 (Prosser, Johnsen, Gardiner, Dicang)

3. West B 29:47 (Jenkins, Soberay, Chisolm, Hanley)

4. West C 30:37 (Rogers, Menkens, Garon-Barendregt, Yi)

5. Dimond B 31:49 (Kam-Magruder, Kaczorowski, Skaling, Jackson)

6. West D 32:35 (Bold, Robinson, Flowers, Dosek)

7. Dimond D 32:50 (Johnson, Driskell, DeWall, Andresen)

8. Dimond C 32:53 (Glover, Erickson, O’Hara, Rygh)

9. West E 34:31 (Brown, Erickson, Fineman, Dudley)

10. West F 35:15 (Maves, Rush, Barber, Flanagan)

Girls Relay Results

1. West A 34:44 (Smith, Mayers, Pannkuk, Rogers)

2. Dimond A 35:33 (Campbell, Erickson, Seibert, McBride)

3. West B 37:57 (Yi, Little, Dorris, Colberg)

4. West C 39:00 (Tuttle-Ray, Latva-Kiskola, Bland, Barnett)

5. Dimond B 39:45 (Johnsen, McCormack, Baldwin, Gaskill)

6. West D 40:30 (Legate, Meyers, Leclaire, Thomas)

7. West E 42:13 (Goodal, Wuttke, Shein, Klieforth)

8. Dimond C 44:34 (Gardiner, Hartman, McWhite, Paulson)

9. West F 47:07 (Rosso, Thomas, Lawrence, Hobbe)

10. West G 48:12 (Parr, Thomas, Yien, Skidmore)

Steel bucket top ten girls
Steel bucket top ten girls(Austin Sjong)

Girls Individual finishes

1. (West) Payton Smith, 8:08

2. (Dimond) Emily Erickson, 8:13

3. (West) Zoe Rogers, 8:45

4. (Dimond) Avrey Campbell, 8:46

5. (West) Lily Pannkuk, 8:53

6. (West) Sophia Mayers, 8:58

7. (Dimond) Nora McBride, 9:07

8. (West) Piper Sears, 9:08

9. (West) Tarja Latva-Kiskola, 9:09

10. (West) Berit Meyers, 9:10

Last year the race was canceled due to COVID-19, but this year the race was back and it was a perfect day for running out near the Jodhpur Motocross Track.

Steel bucket top ten boys
Steel bucket top ten boys(Austin Sjong)

Boys Individual finishes

1. (Dimond) Jared Gardiner 6:57

2. (West) Murphy Kimball 7:07

3. (West) Ethan Eski 7:08

4. (Dimond) Max Johnon 7:11

5. (Dimond) Nicholas Prosser 7:15

6. (West) Liam Chisolm 7:16

7. (West) Isaac Main 7:20

8. (West) Diego Jenkins 7:24

9. (West) Hatcher Menkens 7:26

10. (West) Dylan Soberay 7:28

The steel bucket relay dates back to the mid-1990s between the West and Dimond High School cross-country running teams.

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