Anchorage boy becomes TikTok sensation by eating vegetables

Published: Aug. 23, 2021 at 7:06 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - An Anchorage family never thought their young son would become famous when they starting posting videos on the social media platform TikTok, especially given the subject matter. Their 4-year-old was eating vegetables from the garden.

“One night I just put on a random one about him picking a turnip out of the ground and wiping some dirt on his leg,” said Trent Foldager, whose son Jack is enamored with fresh vegetables.” ... I woke up a week later and I had a hundred thousand and then a million (views).”

The family said they’ve worked hard to make sure their children took a healthy interest in vegetables.

Jack’s mother, Oksana, grew up in Lithuania, where her grandmother’s garden was a big part of their lives.

“I think the main reason is, we both love gardening and we wanted to show our kids that you can grow vegetables. You can include them in this gardening process and teach them about different plants and vegetables,” she said. “And that’s how it started.”

But Jack doesn’t just like vegetables — he can also tell you why they’re good for you. For instance, kale has fiber, which, in Jack’s words, “can help me poop.” He knows that vegetables have calcium which can make his bones grow strong.

That may be because of a book his parents purchased when he was born. “Simple Happy Kitchen” is geared towards children to teach the nutritional value of eating fresh food. His mom said it became a bedtime favorite.

“Absolutely,” Oksana Foldager said. “Every night, he still loves it.”

She said she hopes other families will encourage their children to make healthy choices when it comes to food, but said she recognizes it can be challenging.

“It’s not easy,” she said. “It’s a constant dedication showing the healthy options every day.”

As for Jack, his dad says he’ll keep posting, as long as everyone in the family is still having fun with it.

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