Progress on the Mountain View Mural Walk looks bright

Channel 2 Morning Edition (6 a.m.)
Updated: Sep. 10, 2021 at 7:00 AM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - By the end of September, the Mountain View Community Council plans to have a set of new murals lining Mountain View Drive. In an already vibrant community, the hope is to add colorful art that reflects the culture and diversity in the area.

Mountain View Community Council President Kirsten Swann said the hope is for the string of murals to be “one of the many cherries on top” of the neighborhood.

“Really the idea was to bring a bunch of new public art in Mountain View,” she said. “We have so much great public art already, and we really wanted to build off of that and bring even more beautiful art to the neighborhood.”

Swann said there’s already a mural finished at the Louie Mizelle Memorial Park, there’s plans for one at Mekong Restaurant, and more is to come at the Mountain View branch library.

Currently, Rejoy Armamento is putting in work on one at Surf Laundry, bringing to life a Pacific Islander woman riding a bore tide with clothing included in the wave.

“I kind of wanted to play around with that name,” Armamento said. “Kind of do something literal.”

After speaking with the owner, Armamento said she wanted to do something fun, but also something reflective of the wide range of cultures in the area.

“I really wanted the person who was surfing to be one, female, and to be someone who is of that decent. Just to celebrate the diversity here,” she said. “There’s so many colors here, there’s so many colors in our community. Let’s see that.”

Armamento said she hopes to be done in mid-September if the weather permits. She’s getting some help from an Anchorage newcomer, Rie Nunez. She moved here from Louisiana three months ago, and got involved through a Craigslist posting from Armamento.

“Here I am now,” Nunez said. “I think it’s a pretty cool start to a pretty cool friendship. It’s been pretty interesting and I’ve had a good introduction to the art community already.”

Sabrina Kessakorin is also helping. She already knew about the wide color pallet of Anchorage because she grew up here. She’s happy to see even more work being done to brighten up Mountain View.

“I think it’s really beautiful that she’s done such a gorgeous design to add to this side of town which I think has a stereotype for being like, you know, not so glamorous,” Kessakorin said.

Swann said all of the work is paid. It was made possible through a combination of grants, donations and fundraising. The money is coming from places like local businesses and foundations.

The plan is for the work to be showcased at the end of September.

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