Alleged serial rapist preyed on woman older than 60, police say

Craig McCartt, deputy chief of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, talks about an alleged...
Craig McCartt, deputy chief of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, talks about an alleged serial rapist that targeted older women.
Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 8:18 AM AKDT
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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A suspected serial rapist was arrested Friday.

Investigators said he preyed on older women and, in some cases, pretended to be a worker to break into the homes.

Police said Darrell Goodlow, 37, targeted the vulnerable. The eight victims were in the 60s and 70s age range, often living alone.

It was the last assault, where Goodlow moved a fan in the victim’s house, that police said gave them the key to his identity.

“I want to start by recognizing the bravery, courage and resolve of these victims. I don’t think that there’s anybody here that can even begin to imagine the terror and the trauma that they’ve experienced,” said Craig McCartt, deputy chief of the Indianapolis Metropolitian Police Department.

Police said Goodlow would try to convince his way into his victim’s house but would often end up forcing his way in to mostly east side homes for more than a year.

“At least on one occasion, he used the ruse of being a public utility employee as he made contact with the victim,” McCartt said.

Police said he broke into six houses and raped eight women from August of 2020 to September of this year.

“After the second assault, we realized that there were similarities and eventually found that they were linked through DNA,” McCartt said.

However, even with the DNA evidence, police said he was difficult person to track down, keeping his face covered and even covering the faces of his victims. Police said he also disguised his voice to protect his identity.

“He was in the home for several hours on each one of these so he spent some time in each one of these homes,” McCartt said.

The big break in the case came just a few weeks ago.

“The suspect had had moved a fan in the in the home of the victim and ... crime lab did an amazing job. They lifted a print, identified the print. We were able to identify a potential suspect at that point in time. And then we were able to obtain a DNA sample from that suspect,” McCartt said.

Police said they are now looking into possible prior cases.

“We certainly went back to see if he had any other, you know, if he had come across our radar before, but he came across in really a completely, completely different way,” McCartt said.

Police said they will not release Goodlow’s mugshot in the event there are other victims. They would like to give those victims an opportunity to identify him without any undue influence that could harm a court case.

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