Telling Alaska’s Story: Alaskan artists’ collaboration featured at The North Face

Anchorage and Juneau artists join forces for a special collaboration
Published: Jan. 3, 2022 at 8:52 PM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU)- Alaskan artists Isaiah Samson-Samaniego and Tzadi Hauck designed a series of three vests that are displayed at The North Face on 5th Avenue in Anchorage. The store confirmed that it’s the first feature of designs by Alaskan artists that have been put on display.

Everything initially started with an idea to create a series of vests that have a story behind each one. The collaboration took several months and started with two artists that had never met each other.

“I had this idea to collaborate with one of my now friends. ... She’s an amazing artist from Juneau, Alaska,” Samson-Samaniego said. “I just called her up one day and I was like, ‘hey, I have this idea, you know, we have really contrasted artistic styles and what not, and I think we could put together a really dope project.’”

Each vest has a special story behind each one.
Each vest has a special story behind each one.((Photo courtesy Tzadi Hauck))

Samson-Samaniego, living in Anchorage, and Hauck, living in Juneau, had never met before starting this project.

“I always loved her work,” Samson-Samaniego said. “I mean she’s a friend of a friend and what not, and I just always followed her because her work was always really dope to me. I definitely felt like, you know, with an opportunity like this, it’s awesome to elevate your peers and other people who are under-appreciated because she’s a special artist for sure.”

Walking down 5th Avenue, while looking at The North Face, one can clearly see the designs on mannikins set up in the front of the store, with another special display upstairs. The vests in the front of the store are the “Seismic” and “Graffiti” vest, while the “Float” vest is featured upstairs.

Posing with the 'Seismic' design.
Posing with the 'Seismic' design.((Photo credit Kaye Pascua))

“This is the ‘Seismic’ vest. The idea behind this is one is, you know, showing seismic hazard patterns basically that show the dangers of earthquakes,” Samson-Samaniego said.

A deeper meaning behind this design is one of opportunity, he said.

“The idea behind that is, while you’re working you just gotta know that that one opportunity that’s really going to shake things up for you and, you know, create waves that are felt, it’s coming,” he said. “You just gotta keep working and you’ll get their eventually.”

Scan the barcode.
Scan the barcode.(Lexi Yelverton)

A poster is posted around the display of the artists’ collaboration. Scanning the barcode links directly to the artists’ website.

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