Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains looking for vehicle replacement donations

Published: Feb. 9, 2022 at 4:32 PM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains are looking for donations for a new vehicle after a shocking fire.

Chaplain Fred Voss was on his way to Alaska Regional Hospital in the fall of 2020 when he felt his seat getting warm and smoke began to appear. Once his car was parked, he stepped out of the vehicle just as the car burst into flames right before his eyes.

Voss immediately called the fire department and despite all the chaos, still went inside the hospital to provide support to a grieving family. By the time he returned, the car was totaled.

“I was just thankful for a number of reasons,” Voss said. “No. 1, nobody got hurt. No. 2, I wasn’t stuck in traffic or wasn’t on the freeway going 55, 60 miles an hour, and just thankful that there weren’t any other cars in the parking lot because the fire department would’ve had a much more difficult time putting the fire out if there had been cars around me.”

Alaska chaplains are a nonprofit organization and rely entirely on donations. Until the car can be replaced, Voss is driving his personal vehicle to perform his duties. They hope to raise $24,000 to replace the car.

Donations can be directed to the Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains Facebook.

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