Anchorage woman on a mission to reunite found photos

Anchorage woman on a mission to reunite found photos
Published: Mar. 10, 2022 at 10:02 AM AKST
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - For Jackolyn McCoy, photos are a window to her past.

“They are all of moments that I found very happy in my life. They kind of just make me feel good when I relook at them,” McCoy said.

For the past several months, McCoy has been crafting a photo gallery wall in her home. The Anchorage woman’s living room wall is filled with different photo frames that all capture memories, such as past family gatherings, hunting trips and deceased loved ones. Each frame, McCoy said, holds a dear memory to her.

“It’s almost like reliving that moment,” McCoy said.

While working on her project, McCoy thrifted a photo frame from Value Village. Upon opening the frame, she discovered that in the back of it, there were someone else’s photos still inside. One depicted a large portrait of an older woman.

The other, a smaller photo, showed a young man and woman.

“When I first saw the photos I thought that it was amazing to see, ‘Oh somebody must have lost it in either an estate or like a move,’ or they figured they didn’t need the photo frame anymore because of the original photo that was on top of them,” McCoy said.

Now McCoy is on a mission to reunite the photos with their owners. On March 6, McCoy posted on the Facebook page, “Alaska Scanner Joe”, asking for the community’s help to reunite them with their owner.

“I feel like the family, once they reunite with the photos, they’ll be able to reconnect with their past, or even just somebody’s grandma or mother or sister,” McCoy said.

One lead, from a Facebook user, connected the similarities between the photos to a recent memorial post they saw online.

However, after connecting with the family, relatives of the deceased confirmed that the photos were not of their family members.

McCoy is still searching for the owners of the photos, and says she understands the value a photo can hold for a family.

“It connects us with our family,” McCoy said. “I recently lost my mother, so the only way I can connect my daughter with her is through pictures and showing her that this is grandma.”

McCoy said her photos bring life to stories of her past.

“It makes me happy being able to like, see, or even talk about those moments with my friends and stuff when they they ask, “Oh where was this at?” and I get to tell them the story of that photo,” McCoy said.

Now, the photo frame is on McCoy’s living room wall. It’s holding a new photo.

“It’s a photo of my mom ... about a month before she passed last year,” McCoy said.

McCoy said if anyone has any information at all regarding the ownership of the photos she found, that they can reach out to her through Facebook.

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