Athletes of the Week: Slater and Morello Iditarod 2022 Champions

This week's Athlete's of the Week run on four legs, instead of two.
Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 10:07 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Slater and Morello are the lead dogs on the 2022 Champion Iditarod team run by Brent Sass.

“They are both just super, super high energy when they need to be and they’re really chill when they don’t need to be so they’re really easy to deal with and handle,” Iditarod 2022 Champion Brent Sass said. “They have a positive attitude all the time they’re ... just really good companions even more than sled dogs I think in the end, like they’re my best friends”

The tracker showed Sass and his team at the front of Iditarod 50 for nearly a large chunk of the race and at the front of Sass’ team we find Slater and Morello. Slater is 6 and Morello is 7 years old and this is their second Iditarod run.

Both dogs could be seen throughout the race with what looked like smiles on their face and in the end they helped put a smile on their musher’s face.

“I mean they meant the world to me before and now it just proves like, they’re just superstars,” Sass said. “You know they stepped up at every corner and ... they never let me down the entire race and ... I’ve got nothing but admiration for their will power and ability to just to go out and do what they needs to get done day after day after day on there on the trial.”

This is Sass’ first Iditarod championship and he has won the Yukon Quest three times.

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