After failed fertility treatments, a Kodiak couple adopted an embryo

Published: May. 1, 2022 at 6:36 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - As in vitro fertilization becomes more widespread, the number of spare embryos rises. Giving birth with donated embryos is becoming more popular, especially among couples who are struggling with infertility but still want to experience parenthood.

About nine weeks ago, Jason and Amanda Flynt welcomed a baby girl named Bria Lynn into the world, but it wasn’t an easy process for them. In 2017, the Flynt’s tried to conceive on their own and after some failed attempts, decided to run some tests, which showed Jason was unable to have children.

Jason said that the news was a ‘heavy blow.’ He still remembers the day his wife Amanda got the call with the test results.

“‘We did the procedure, we looked at it and yeah, he cant have kids, so have a good day.’ That’s kind of how the conversation went,” Jason Flynt said. “She called me crying hysterically so it was a lot to overcome for me. It was pretty devastating news.”

The Flynts started to explore the available options for to starting a family of their own when Jason’s physician suggested the possibility of embryo adoption. Like most people out there, they had never heard of such a thing.

The process is similar to adopting a child but, an embryo is adopted instead, allowing adopting families to experience pregnancy and give birth to the adopted child. Jason and Amanda, said it seemed like the perfect alternative, as it would allow them to not only know the genetics of their child but also so that she may grow up knowing her biological family.

“Growing up I knew people that were adopted and they didn’t find out until way later in life and it had some pretty traumatic effects on them,” stated Jason Flynt.

Although embryos are legally property, these programs treats the transfer of embryos like a regular adoption. The genetic parents must sign away their parental rights, and the adoptive parents have to go through the home-study process.

The Flynts have learned to embrace their misfortunes. All the trials and tribulations of becoming parents paid off as they now have Bria Lynn. They are thrilled to bring awareness to infertility struggles and wish for other couples out there to know they have option.

“If it hadn’t just been for one person who mentioned it to us, we still might be trying to figure out what to do,” said Jason Flynt.

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