Fishing Report: Looking for lake trout on Lake Louise

Fishing Report: Looking for Lake Trout on Lake Louise
Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 6:53 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Lake Louise is a huge lake that is located near Glennallen and is known for the huge lake trout that live there.

For this Fishing Report, we met up with Georgina Fernadez and Taylor Burke who are very new to fishing. Lynette Warren, owner and guide of Alaska Lakes Guide Service, gave us a much-needed lesson before pushing off, and then it was game time.

The water was a bit choppy but we could still get our tube jigs down to the bottom. While bait is allowed at Lake Louise during the winter months, only artificial lures with a single hook are permitted for use from April through the end of October.

While we were on the hunt for lake trout there are far more fish in these waters.

“Lake Louise has lake trout, whitefish, it has burbot it has grayling, you can catch any number of those. It just depends on what type of lure, the conditions there are, and where on the lake you are fishing” Warren said.

Warren just bought Alaska Lakes Guide Service this past year and this is the first time this season that she has come out to Lake Louise. Their website is full of photos of trophy fish that have been pulled out of the lake and while it is very early in the season, we were still hopeful to land a “laker.”

After fishing in a deep channel of the lake for an hour or two, we went back to Lake Louise Lodge for a quick coffee break to let the water settle down. We then went to a shallower part of the lake and began casting and right when hope was about to be lost a giant “laker” came right up to the surface chasing Warren’s Lure. It got away but it ignited that fishing spirit that makes every fisherman say “one more cast.” It wasn’t long before I had a large lake trout come right up to the boat as well, unfortunately, it got away but it was a thrill to see such a giant fish up close.

All in all, we saw two lake trout and hooked into three but they got off. So this was more of a scouting trip for Warren so that she knows exactly where to go when the fishing season on the lake heats up. The Lake Louise trip is just one of the many guided trips that Warren and her service offer all around Alaska.

“We provide lake trout fishing on Lake Lousie, we do lake fishing in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough,” Warren said. “We do kings and silvers out on the Deshka River and king salmon in Ship Creek in Anchorage and also on the Eklutna Tailrace.”

The state record “laker” clocked in at 47 pounds, and though that record has stood since 1970, anglers have a good chance at catching trout of 20 pounds or heavier at Lake Louise.

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