Life in prison: Former nurse receives life sentence for husband’s murder

A woman in Alabama, Nikki Cappello, has been convicted of poisoning her husband and sentenced to life in prison. (Source: WAFF)
Published: Jul. 15, 2022 at 1:29 PM AKDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF/Gray News) - A woman convicted of poisoning her husband was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday.

Officials said former registered nurse Nikki Cappello was sentenced to life in jail for the murder of her husband, Jim Cappello.

“The sentence is life, life in prison,” Prosecutor Tim Douthit said after the sentencing. “Theoretically, in a few decades, you might have a chance to get parole, but it’s life.”

WAFF reports Jim Cappello was a well-known private investigator who was reported missing in September 2018 before he was found dead of insulin poisoning.

“It’s surprisingly rare that we run into truly evil people, truly unrepentantly evil people in this world,” Douthit said. “This is one of those cases. I’m happy to get up every morning and fight that.”

Attorney Will League said the criminal phase is complete, and a civil suit could also continue.

“We will now proceed with the civil suit to try and get restitution, money and compensation damages for the estate, which is for the minor child,” League said.

Several friends and family members of Jim Cappello attended Thursday’s sentencing.

Jim Cappello’s sister, Jamie Weist, has permanent custody of the former couple’s daughter Ryleigh. After the sentencing, she reflected on the day her brother’s body was found.

“She almost got away with it, except her family was coming over,” Weist said. “I think she panicked and knew she had to get the body out. And at that point, she was calling a friend to help. We were hours away, but I am a pit bull. I was going to find him. Determined to find him. I was packed and ready.”

The family said Ryleigh’s health and safety would continue to be their top priority after Jim Cappello’s death and her mother in jail for his murder.

“She just fit right into our family. Her cousins welcomed her in, and her cousins refer to her as their sister,” Weast said. “At the end of it all, I want her [Nikki Cappello] to be in jail for life, and I want to adopt Ryleigh because she’s ours.”

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