Stuck in a wet weather rut

A slow moving storm system over Kodiak keeps cloudy, wet, and somewhat cool conditions in place across southern Alaska.
Published: Aug. 13, 2022 at 9:13 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Like us humans, the Earth’s weather, is beautiful, awe-inspiring, and yet very complex. So many elements, so many moving pieces; many known, and yet still many unknown. All of which, though, have a contribution, whether big or small, in producing the end result: the weather going on outside, right now. So, when the weather gets “stuck”, it certainly gives one (or many) a reason to pause and take note.

Earlier today, a co-worker asked me: “Joe when do we escape the rain?” Honestly, the best, and appropriate answer, I could give him was “in time!” A great reminder that there are indeed much greater forces in play, but experience (and a little faith, I presume) tells us that things have a strange and unique way of working themselves out, but they always do.

Yes, there is a hurdle that exists in the atmosphere above, keeping a constant presence of wet, active, and somewhat cool and breezy weather conditions over southern and southeast Alaska below into next weekend. Ah, but there is always hope, remember. So, even through they may be not as widespread or significant, there will still be some silver linings in the clouds. Thus, a brightening of the skies from time to time, which we can truly enjoy, and appreciate, when they happen.

This now triggers another reminder that applies: “the only thing constant is change, (next to death and taxes, of course.)”

Stay dry, healthy, and safe.

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