Chugiak/Eagle River candidates boast long endorsement lists

One has at least 35 endorsements, the other says he has more than nearly everyone else
Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 2:06 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The Republican and Democrat candidates running for Anchorage Assembly District 2 Seat C have experiences as contrasting as the political parties they identify with.

In Chugiak and Eagle River, the community the seat will represent, it’s a contest of endorsements.

Republican Scott Myers says he has the most endorsements of any candidate for Assembly this year, not including individual labor endorsements.

Myers’ endorsements include Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, former Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell, Rep. Jamie Allard, Assemblymember Randy Sulte, former City Manager Amy Demboski, District 23 Republicans and the Anchorage and Mat-Su Young Republicans.

Myers is the president of the South Fork Community Council in Eagle River. He’s served on the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and has been a realtor in Eagle River for 13 years.

“Our taxes have gone up 20% in the last two to three years — property taxes I’m saying — for the amount of services that we get, for the amount of money that we pay,” Myers said. “I work in real estate. People are shocked when they move to Alaska to find out how much they pay in property taxes and for the services that they get.

“Our average sales price in Eagle River is about $458,000 and that’s for a property that was probably built in the 70s or 80s, split entry, maybe an all-weather wood foundation, and you’re going to be spending six, seven or $8,000 per year in property taxes for that. For what services are you receiving for that?”

With endorsements from Alaska Republicans, Myers says he hopes to get more done with Mayor Dave Bronson’s administration.

“There are 10 members on the assembly who will do anything the mayor deems is a good idea, they will do the exact opposite,” Myers said. “What I hope is, in April, we’ll have some fresh blood on the Assembly and have a better working relationship. Everybody needs to work together for the betterment of Anchorage as a whole.”

Democrat Jim Arlington has 35 endorsements listed on his website including Democrats and Republicans.

Arlington was a founding member of the Eagle River Presbyterian Church, a former president of the Eaglewood Homeowners Association, served on the Anchorage Zoning Board of Examiners, works for Afognak Native Corporation and has coached youth soccer, basketball and little league.

“I’ve served as an assistant city manager for several cities in Colorado before I went to Law School,” Arlington said. “My law degree gives me the expertise to work in the areas of contracts and negotiations ... not only for major oil companies but independents as well.”

With a background in communication, among other trades, Arlington says a lot of people encouraged him to run to help smooth things between the mayor’s office and the Assembly.

“A lot of my friends and neighbors in Eagle River were concerned about what was going on with the relationship between the administration and the municipality,” Arlington said. “They’re familiar with my background in education, the amount of time I’ve been in the community which is 40 years in Eagle River. They reached out to me and encouraged me to run.”