One last ride to remember Cynthia Hoffman

Cynthia Hoffman's last ride
Published: Jun. 4, 2023 at 10:22 PM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Family and friends joined together for Cynthia Hoffman’s memorial ride on Sunday, a tradition held since her death in 2019 to remember her.

For the family, it was the last time they will ride.

Hoffman was murdered in 2019 at Thunderbird Falls. Her body was found dumped in the Eklutna River.

In February, Denali Brehmer pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in Hoffman’s death.

Although Sunday was an emotional day, it was also a beautiful one for what was, according to the family, Cynthia’s last ride.

“Basically what I’ve gotten when Brehmer pleaded guilty, she was basically the mastermind behind my daughter’s situation, and what I got is ... I got closure. I got a guilty verdict and now I’m just waiting for sentencing,” Cynthia’s father Timothy S. Hoffman Sr. said.

The ride started at Carousel Lounge in Anchorage, where everyone got ready and took off in unison. Hoffman and the others rode down the Glenn Highway together.

They motored all the way to Thunderbird Falls, where Cynthia’s murder took place.

The family says they are now in a place to have closure and peace of mind. Hoffman says part of the purpose of the last ride is to let everyone move on.

“So my family can have peace of mind. So they can go back to their life,” Hoffman said. “We love our child. We love her more than anything in the world, but now it’s time to just let the ride go and let her rest in peace.”

Cynthia’s father says half of his family went out to buy Harley motorcycles just so they could join for one last ride.

“It’s just a beautiful day,” said Bear Kinney, a member of the community who was riding to support the family. “It’s gorgeous, I mean it’s like God said let there be sun today because it was supposed to be cloudy.”

“It’s my first group ride so yeah, it was amazing, what a good purpose,” family friend Tracy Trujillo said.

Even though it was a day that brought some peace, it doesn’t make it any less emotional, the family said.

“We’re going to finally put this to rest and the people that did this to her are going to get what they deserve,” Cynthia’s uncle Donald Hoffman said. “I hope they all get 99 because she didn’t deserve to die. She was just an innocent, innocent girl.”

Family, friends, and members of the community traveled back to the same location at the river where her body was dumped.

“Today we’re going to throw off some roses into the river and say our last farewells to Cynthia,” Timothy Hoffman said.

Brehmer is one of six people alleged to be involved in Cynthia’s death. Brehmer is set to go before a judge for sentencing on Aug. 22. She faces a minimum of 30 years in prison.

Previous rides were known as Cece’s Memorial Ride, and this year all of the proceeds go to Victims for Justice.