Eric Sowl

Director of Photography/Chief MMJ
Eric Sowl

When those in the industry talk about that “little station in Anchorage, Alaska”, it’s due, in large part, to the longtime talent and devotion of Chief Photographer Eric Sowl. He is a key reason that this small market station has garnered attention and national awards for the quality of overall storytelling.

Eric has been in in Alaska broadcasting since 1984 and at KTUU since 1990. Even when not a chief photographer, he was still a true leader in the photographer ranks. He has trained dozens of young photojournalists (he recently mentioned close to 100) who have gone on to become some of the most talented photographers in the industry in markets all across the country.

Not only has Eric won numerous of his own National and Regional awards, including Murrows, Emmys and NPPA, he has also led our crews to win three National Press Photographers Association small market "Station of the Year" awards. Eric has not only led the way, he has been down in the trenches throughout the years, including covering one of the most challenging shoots of all, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. He covered this extremely cold and grueling two week race from ground and by air for 12 years.

Besides continuing to mentor his own staff, Eric is also a respected community mentor. He has worked with students in Alaska on shooting/editing training and has been a mentor as part of the Anchorage School District Gifted Mentorship Program. He has also worked on Girl Scout projects and is always willing to give new photographers, even at stations in remote areas, some tips when he sees them struggling out in the field.

Eric is one of the driving forces behind KTUU’s mission to explore all of Alaska and share the diverse cultures and traditions. He is really tied in to communities in the far reaches of our state and wants to always make sure their views are shared and stories told – so they’re not forgotten.

Eric’s explains his philosophy on KTUU's success, saying it's “like strong foundations, built one brick at a time. Strong stations are built one story at a time.”

(Photo Credit: Freeze Frame Photography)