Nick Swann

Chief Photographer
Nick Swann

Nick Swann moved to Alaska in 1976, when he was just one year old. His family moved North to follow the oil. As a child he enjoyed living in Palmer, Eagle River and Anchorage. Each of these communities holds special memories that will be a part of him forever.

As Nick grew, he had an affinity for collecting mementos. His pockets would be full of special trinkets he would find on his adventures. Nick liked the memories that would come along with those souvenirs and wanted to hold onto them for as long as possible. Nick’s mother was always supportive of his quest for memories and for an early birthday she bought him a Kodak Disc camera which opened up his eyes. That first camera was a way Nick could really capture special moments. He loved it and used it until it wouldn’t work anymore. Nick would always make sure he had a camera with him whenever he could, usually a disposable camera since they were cheap and readily available. He has stored his old photos in a few photo albums and many more in shoe boxes. Nick enjoys taking them out and going through them, every so often.

Becoming a photojournalist was a natural step in Nick’s creative growth. He has been working in television broadcasting since 2000 and has been a photojournalist for the past 16 years. Nick has had the honor in helping lead the photography teams at every television station in Anchorage and it just gets better and better. He’s able to not only collect beautiful images from the most wonderful state in the Union but also spend time with his fellow Alaskans, as he learns more about their lives, their successes and struggles, and share them with the rest of our audience. Nick grows each time he is able to learn more about this state and the people that live here with him. Nick’s hope is to make Alaska feel more accessible and to have every community become closer and more connected.

(Photo Credit: Freeze Frame Photography)