Aaron Morrison

Anchorage, AK
Aaron Morrison

Weather plays a daily role in our everyday lives and sometimes it can disrupt the flow of things. Aaron realized that firsthand while growing up in the Deep South. From ice storms, to snow, tornadoes and even hurricanes, it was the combination of wanting to understand these events that set the path for him to become a meteorologist.

Aaron attended Mississippi State University where he obtained his degree in meteorology with a minor in communication. While studying to become a meteorologist, Aaron also attended culinary school at Mississippi University for Women, another passion of his.

Aaron's career has taken him from Mississippi, to Missouri and now to the Last Frontier where he hopes to spend the rest of his time. While he does miss the unique weather and severe storms in the Deep South, the weather in Alaska is quickly taking hold as some of his favorite to forecast.

When not forecasting the weather, Aaron loves to explore everything Alaska has to offer. From hiking, to the food and scenic views, there's nothing that he hasn't been disappointed in. When not out in nature you Aaron enjoys binge watching Netflix and writing poetry. If you have any weather related questions or stories, feel free to reach out. Aaron loves to talk weather anytime, even when grocery shopping.

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(Photo Credit: Freeze Frame Photography)

  • Mississippi State University