Dispatches from the Trail with DeeDee Jonrowe

 Dispatches from the Trail with DeeDee Jonrowe (KTUU)
Dispatches from the Trail with DeeDee Jonrowe (KTUU) (KTUU)
Published: Mar. 4, 2020 at 12:14 PM AKST
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Veteran Iditarod musher DeeDee Jonrowe, who has 16 Top-10 finishes under her signature pink parka, joins Channel 2′s Iditarod coverage team for the 2020 race.

Find all her Dispatches from the Trail here, as she follows the race up the Iditarod Trail.

We catch up with our special correspondent and veteran musher DeeDee Jonrowe as she talks about the new Iditarod champion and his team.

Tomas Waerner is your champion but their's more racing still to be done.DeeDee Jonrowe knows just how big a deal it can be to finish second at the Iditarod and she took a deeper look at the budding race for that spot..

As the teams near White Mountain in this final stretch of the last great race the excitement is building, in this DeeDee dispatch, she breaks down just what it's like the run to the famed checkpoint.

Our special correspondent and veteran musher DeeDee Jonrowe explains how mushers heading up the coast to Nome are facing some tricky snow conditions.

DeeDee shares her thoughts on the effort by the community of Shaktoolik to prepare a cabin for mushers two miles outside of the community.

At the Unalakleet checkpoint, Channel 2 special correspondent DeeDee Jonrowe got a good look at Thomas Waerner's team.

Between snow, terrain, and mandatory rests that still have to take place among the leaders, plenty of challenges lie ahead on the trail between the Yukon and the coast.

The coronavirus impacts are being felt along the trail with adjustments to checkpoints and cancellation of public events surrounding the race.

Channel 2's Iditarod contributor DeeDee Jonrowe gives insight into what mushers are making sure they have in their sleds -- beyond the race-required gear -- before they leave the start line.

DeeDee Jonrowe tells us that for mushers in The Last Great Race, rest before the race is key. But how to spend the day between the ceremonial and official start of the race is up to each musher.

Channel 2's Iditarod contributor DeeDee Jonrowe gives insight into day one strategies.

KTUU special correspondent Deedee Jonrowe tells us about what can derail a team.

Special correspondent Deedee Jonrowe tells us her top picks for the 2020 race.

But every step counts. and as Channel 2 Iditarod correspondent and legendary musher Deedee Jonrowe explains, these first 200 miles are some of the most important.

Here is Deedee telling us about what makes the gorge and buffalo tunnels so difficult for the mushers and their dog teams.

The legendary Deedee Jonrowe knows what it's like to pull into McGrath with a fresh dog team looking to make hay in the Iditarod. In fact, she knows the whole trail, so let’s check in with the famed musher on her roll this year in another "Dee dee's dispatch."

Veteran musher DeeDee Jonrowe gives us an update from the Finger Lake checkpoint.

She's looking ahead at what's after Mcgrath on the northern route.

Special correspondent DeeDee Jonrowe discusses the temperatures on the trail around McGrath on March 11, 2020.

Our special correspondent DeeDee Jonrowe discusses some of the circumstances affecting mushers and dogs alike in this year's running of the Iditarod.

She's been on the trail herself, she's got an understanding of teams and dogs that supersedes the average reporter. Veteran musher DeeDee Jonrowe is back with us to give her opinion as this race nears the final stages.

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