11 Homicides remain open in Anchorage's deadliest year

(Image Source: MGN)
(Image Source: MGN)(KALB)
Published: Dec. 28, 2017 at 7:01 PM AKST
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A record breaking year for homicides across the state's largest city, with a number still listed as open and under investigation by the Anchorage Police Department.

The 35 homicides include the death of

While Gladney's body was discovered by a trail user in the Jim Creek area earlier this month, investigators have said they believe his murder happened in Anchorage.

In February 2017, there were five homicide victims and three incidents. This is largely in part because of the fatal

, which killed three people, injured dozens more and displaced roughly 70 individuals. Police say no arrests have been made in connection to the deadly fire.

In the most recent data released to Channel 2 News from the Anchorage Police Department, six of the cases are listed to have no suspects.

Police say

was shot in March and his body was discovered during the morning hours in a car parked outside a McDonald's in Spenard.Police said this did not appear to be random.

In June, there were two deadly stabbings within weeks of each other downtown. In both cases the victims,


were apparently stabbed within blocks of Bean’s Cafe.

So far in 2017, Anchorage's deadliest month is August, at six homicide victims and six incidents. Three, or half of the month's homicides still have no suspects — beginning with the death of

, who police say died after being struck by a car unintentionally. Police say Phelps appears to have been an innocent bystander the night she died.

Five days later,

was found in Muldoon in a car with a gunshot wound to his head and later died at a hospital. The last homicide in August, is the

who has not been publicly identified by police. APD says she died inside a Government Hill apartment with other family members home at the time.

Police say there are several factors that often contribute to a homicide and in many of these cases police have said these were not random crimes, including the shooting death of 20-year-old


In two separate homicide cases committed during December, APD says there are people of interest in the investigations.

In the death of

, investigators say it appears he and the suspect knew each other and had a prior "altercation" leading up to a deadly shooting.

For an interactive map of APD's homicide numbers, which include citizen versus citizen incidents, only click