1,469-pound pumpkin breaks Alaska State Fair record

Published: Aug. 30, 2016 at 10:21 PM AKDT
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It was a record-breaking day at the Alaska State Fair as Dale Marshall trucked in the largest pumpkin to ever compete in the Great Pumpkin Weigh Off.

As the scale showed 1,469 pounds, the crowd erupted in cheers and Marshall shattered the 2011 state fair pumpkin record of 1,287 pounds.

“You get the seed genetics from some of the best pumpkins in the world and you try every year to get as big as you can,” said Marshall.

The pumpkin competition has been an annual event for Alaska farmers for the past 11 years. Although the growing season is only about five months in Alaska, a warm and early spring allowed for better growing conditions than usual, Marshall said.

“It was a great year for pumpkins. We've never had this many pumpkins,” said pumpkin weigh-off MC Mardie Robb. “Mr. Marshall's worked at that title for five years now.”

Marshall said pumpkins this big don’t taste any good, but he will keep the giant fruit on display at his house, as long as the moose don’t eat it.

The world record stands at 2,323.7 pounds.