2YH: Signs of traumatic brain injury

Published: Apr. 18, 2017 at 1:55 PM AKDT
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As we head into spring, experts said they tend to see more traumatic brain injuries from sports, falls and motor vehicle accidents.

From mild concussions to severe injuries, after a blow to the head or body, these forms of traumatic brain injuries can lead to a change in alertness and mental processing.

Dr. Gerald York, a neuroradiologist at Imaging Associates, monitors patients and looks at what's known as white matter in the brain.

Dr. York said one way to prevent TBI is by wearing a helmet, especially during sports.

While 80 percent of head injuries are mild, Dr. York said there are some tell-tale symptoms, when people should see a physician.

"If they have persistent headaches, they have dizziness-nausea, [or] they have severe worsening headaches - those are the patients we want to get in to see a provider and do imaging," York said.

Other symptoms can include a loss of consciousness, memory loss and difficulty processing or performing daily functions.