A popular coffee spot robbed; the entire thing was caught on security cameras

 Security footage of the safe thief / Video courtesy by SteamDot Coffee.
Security footage of the safe thief / Video courtesy by SteamDot Coffee. (KTUU)
Published: Mar. 22, 2017 at 2:50 PM AKDT
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Earlier this week, someone broke into the SteamDot Coffee shop at Williwaw in downtown Anchorage. The person took off with some liquor, cash and a locked safe.

Scratch marks are visible from where the safe used to be all the way through the restaurant.

"That was about a 300 pound safe," said Garrett Mills, who discovered the burglary. "This one guy, by himself, got it out of this building."

Throughout the building, several video cameras captured the entire theft. And SteamDot then posted the video evidence on



Also, in exchange for information that leads to arrest of the thief, the company is offering a $300 Platinum Card reward for coffee and snacks at the cafe.

"We're pretty confident we'll get our safe back," Mills said.

Anchorage Police say the number of thefts and burglaries from January of this year, compared to the previous year, are about the same.

However, police say most of the recent crimes are motivated by drugs and people stealing to feed their addictions.

"This is not the Anchorage of 30 years ago, unfortunately," said Renee Oistad, spokesperson for APD. "Is it fair the victims have to pay the price? No it's not. But it's better to take steps before becoming a victim, instead of afterwards."