ADF&G believes they killed Sunday's Bird Ridge bear

Published: Jun. 21, 2017 at 4:39 PM AKDT
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On Tuesday evening, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game shot and killed four bears. One of the dead black bears is believed to be responsible for Sunday's fatal Bird Ridge mauling.

One of the dead adult black bears had "a recent wound to its lower jaw," reads an ADF&G press release.

Similarly, the bear involved in Sunday's mauling is thought to have sustained a head wound, after it was shot by a Chugach State Park ranger.

State officials have scheduled a necropsy. And in the meantime, this bear has been "tentatively identified" as Sunday's problem bear.

Additionally, ADF&G took further precautions, by shooting and killing three other lone, adult black bears in close proximity.

The department said it was "an effort to ensure the correct bear was killed."

ADF&G said the use of tranquilizer darts was impractical, due to the "extremely steep, rugged, brushy terrain."

After ADF&G reported an "unsuccessful" ground search on Monday, the department used a small, fixed-wing aircraft to located the four bears on Tuesday.

This is a developing story. Stay with Channel 2 News for updates.