Marijuana Control Board develops working group to address testing

Published: Dec. 1, 2017 at 3:34 PM AKST
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The Alaska marijuana control board is adopting new regulations and creating a team to monitor testing concerns.

The most recent series of meetings held by the board lead to the development of a working group.

"After a year and a half of implementation, it is time to take a comprehensive look at what's working and what isn't in the testing regulations to ensure that consumers are getting accurate information," Brandon Emmett, the board member who will chair the working group, said in a news release.

While not established yet, the group is expected to be made of members from multiple platforms including cultivators, scientists and even government employees.

One of the primary focuses will be on testing, such as how much of a sample should be checked, consistent methodology, and also looking at other states and what works for them, officials said.

Members will work on developing recommendations to give the board by next summer.

A series of regulation projects were also adopted by the board, "One was regarding notification to AMCO by a testing facility if any of their testing equipment failed," Sarah Oates, Program Coordinator for the

Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office said.

"One was notification to our office of any crime that takes place on the premises that the licensee is aware of and then a regulation project regarding internal quality control," she said.