APD reports slapping driver with $2,350 speeding ticket over Slush Cup weekend

Published: Apr. 17, 2018 at 12:16 PM AKDT
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Last week, the Anchorage Police Department warned drivers heading south of Anchorage to the Sping Carnival and Slush Cup weekend in Girdwood. Their message? Stick to the speed limit.

According to a release issued Tuesday, APD said "we really meant it" regarding their promise of having extra officers along the Seward Highway corridor leading to Girdwood.

Not only was the enforcement beefed up, the department wrote in the statement, the fines were increased as well, making that stretch of highway a double fine zone for the remainder of the weekend. According to APD, that led to some very costly tickets.

Among the tickets doled out to speeding drivers, which began at $85, the highest ticket APD reported giving to a driver came in at a whopping $2,350. The driver earned that ticket for reportedly driving "104 mph in a posted 65 mph zone" in the double fine zone.

APD also mentioned the fact that several drivers were issued tickets while passing other drivers. "The speed limit counts there too," the department wrote Tuesday. "If you are speeding to pass then you are subject to being stopped and cited just as if you were not passing someone."

Overall, however, APD said the "vast majority" of drivers heeded their initial message ahead of the weekend.