UPDATE: APD says video surveillance validates McDonald's shooting victim

Published: Dec. 9, 2017 at 11:56 AM AKST
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12/11 Update:

An employee at the McDonald's told police that he was bleeding after a disgruntled customer allegedly fired a bullet into the restaurant wall while in the drive-through. That customer, however, denied he even had a gun.

According to a charging document, Abobon came to police wanting to turn himself in "before things got out of hand." He explained that the McDonald's employees were "disrespectful" to him by ignoring him and talking to their friends while he tried to order.

Abobon claims the employee then threw his change inside his car. He says he "produced a screw-driver and tapped it on the window" and drove off, denying to police that he ever had a firearm.

The story told to detectives by the McDonald's employee is much different.

According to them, Abobon threw his money inside the drive-through window, and refused to take his change back. After the employee said he "dropped the change into the vehicle," he said Abobon "pulled out a semi-automatic firearm out (sic) and cycled the action."

Police wrote in the report that McDonald's employees heard Abobon drive away and fire a shot. According to the employee who was talking to Abobon, following the gunshot, he "noticed that his arm was bleeding."

In the report, police wrote, "The projectile struck the side of the McDonald's and shrapnel or debris from the impact struck the drive-through attendant."

Regarding the question of whether or not it was a gun or a screwdriver, APD checked the security footage in the drive-through.

"[An APD officer] reviewed the footage and could clearly see the driver of the Mercedes pull out a firearm and wait for the attendant to return before driving off and firing a round," police wrote.

Additionally, APD said they found a single bullet casing at the scene.

Original Story:

Anchorage Police Department says a disgruntled customer fired a round at a McDonald's store on Northern Lights Blvd. No one was injured. 19-year-old Zx Dio Abobon turned himself into the authorities Saturday evening.

MJ Thim, a spokesperson with APD, says the call for shots fired came around 1:15 a.m. Saturday morning. Abobon had arrived at the store frustrated, says Thim. He ordered food and drove forward before allegedly firing one round back toward the store.

Thim says no one was struck by the shot and the suspect drove away. APD says Abobon turned himself in to Patrol officers after learning a community service message had been sent to the public about the incident.

Abodon has been arrested and transported to jail. He faces multiple charges including second-degree assault.