ASD is taking precautionary measures against the Coronavirus

Published: Jan. 31, 2020 at 12:08 PM AKST
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The Anchorage School District says it’s taking precautionary measures to be ready if the Coronavirus surfaces in Anchorage.

In a news release, ASD gave some information about the virus, though pointed out that at this time Alaska does not have a suspected, much less a confirmed, case of Coronavirus.

"At this time there's been no suspected cases or confirmed cases of the Coronavirus virus in Alaska. So we want everyone to know that it's safe to send your children to school." said Jennifer Patronas, Director of Health Services, "We want them to be at school and at any point where we feel that it is not safe or we have a suspected case or confirmed case in our school buildings then we know what the proper precautions are and we will let the community members know."

The district shared some of the symptoms of the virus and what criteria would need to be met in order to merit a screening for the newly-discovered virus.

  1. A fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher combined with lower respiratory illness (cough or difficulty breathing)
  2. AND Recent travel history to or from mainland China
  3. OR Contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have Coronavirus

The district has given school nurses the latest information and guidance on symptoms, screening requirements, and the actions to take if a student or staff member meets the screening criteria.

Also, the District's Healthcare Services Department is directly engaged with the State Department of Health and Social Services and the Municipal Department of Health and Human Services. This means health officials, along with the CDC, are in direct communication to monitor the virus, exchange information, and to provide guidance.

"If we found out there was a confirmed case of the Coronavirus in the school district we are prepared to isolate that student until we are able to get him or her to the closest medical treatment facility. Taking all proper precautions not to contaminate or spread it to anyone else in the meantime. And then our staff is prepared with all the equipment we ordered everything we need to properly sanitize all the buildings, buses, and any hard surfaces in any particular school that we do have a suspected or confirmed case."

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