Abuse charges against Ptarmigan Elementary School teacher dismissed

Published: Nov. 1, 2018 at 9:21 PM AKDT
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Charges filed against a Ptarmigan Elementary School teacher for alleged abuse have been dismissed by prosecutors due to lack of evidence according to the teacher's attorney.

"It's the right result," said Kevin Fitzgerald, attorney for Lynn Sherwood, the accused teacher. "The city, as I think they accurately described, did not have the elements to prove the charge."

Court records show the case was dismissed by the prosecution on Oct. 25.

In early May, Katherine Armon and her husband Nicholas filed a complaint with the Anchorage Police Department accusing Sherwood, 53, of pushing Armon's 9-year-old son into a wall, causing bruising to his back and head.

That complaint describes video footage showing Sherwood escorting what's described as an agitated Armon through the school while swinging his arms towards Sherwood and attempting to pull away from her.

Katherine Armon said their 9-year-old son has autism.

In September, ASD Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop told Channel 2 the physical altercation was unacceptable and inappropriate.

"We do have certain classes within our schools for students who have a disability, and in those cases, our teachers are trained in the proper manner to restrain a child if needed to keep him or her from harming themselves or others," Bishop said at the time. "That was not the case here."

Sherwood is still on administrative leave at Ptarmigan Elementary according to Fitzgerald, who indicated that Sherwood's future at Ptarmigan is uncertain.

"I think there are efforts afoot to determine what's going to happen administratively", Fitzgerald said. "Obviously she wants to get back in the classroom which is where she's served admirably for many years."

KTUU reached out to the attorney representing Nicholas and Katherine Armon as well as municipal prosecutors, but did not hear back before deadline.