Airport authorities say pilot uninjured in Lake Hood float plane crash

Published: Jun. 21, 2018 at 11:12 AM AKDT
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A plane crash early Thursday drew response form multiple agencies when the aircraft, a small float plane, "veered violently" upon landing.

According to Sgt. Brad Skupnik with Airport Police and Fire, the pilot and sole occupant was not injured when the plane crashed. The female pilot had been on a roughly 40 minute trip prior to the crash.

"It was coming in for a landing, and landed just fine, but then violently veered off course when it landed and sustained damage," Skupnik said. It is not yet known what made the plane veer into the nearby bank.

The plane, with a tail number of N4427B, sustained damage to both of its floats, but the woman was reportedly able to walk away without injury.

The floats were too damaged to taxi, so it had to be air-lifted out of the water by a crane and put on a flatbed truck.

NTSB spokesperson Clint Johnson said that they had investigators present Thursday morning to investigate the finer details of the crash.