Alaska man arrested for attempted murder after trying to run over, shoot victim

Published: Dec. 14, 2017 at 7:11 AM AKST
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Imagine pulling over to give a pedestrian a ride, only to see a large truck barreling down directly at you. Then, after a crash and the opening of a door, the driver of that truck pulls out a handgun and starts shooting.

That's the call that came in to Alaska State Troopers on Wednesday afternoon.

The good Samaritan driver, who reported the series of events to troopers, was stopped on Easy Street in Fairbanks, offering a ride to a man on foot who appeared to be in need of help.

Then, troopers say, David Cagwin, 43, of Fairbanks, steered his GMC Silverado truck right at the other car, a Chevy Spark sedan, and the pedestrian that driver was talking to.

Cagwin's truck plowed into the side of the sedan, sideswiping the door and disabling his truck in the process.

After that, troopers say, he got out of the car wielding a .45 caliber handgun and shooting over and over at the pedestrian. No one was struck by the bullets, but one bullet penetrated a nearby home.

According to AST, the pedestrian ran away from the area, and got into yet another passerby's vehicle. Cagwin, after his bullets missed, took off on foot along with two passengers who were inside his truck.

Cagwin was found in the area by troopers and Fairbanks police. He was arrested on first degree attempted murder charges, as well as misconduct with a weapon and assault. His gun was found abandoned nearby.

The two passengers inside Cagwin's truck were also contacted in an apartment in a nearby business. Authorities questioned them, but then released them.