Alaskan describes before and after of Las Vegas concert shooting

Profile of Alaska victim Rob McIntosh. Friend Mike Cronk reports that McIntosh is recovering...
Profile of Alaska victim Rob McIntosh. Friend Mike Cronk reports that McIntosh is recovering from his bullet wound. (Photo courtesy Mike Cronk) (KTUU)
Published: Oct. 2, 2017 at 7:01 PM AKDT
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Below is a transcript of an interview conducted by NBC's Lester Holt with Mike Cronk. Cronk was attending the concert with his friend Rob McIntosh when bullets started flying. Cronk and McIntosh reunited later in the day.

Lester Holt: So what was the vibe before you heard the shots?

Mike Cronk: It was great. It's one of those big events where people come all together, all genders and races, to just listen to music. it was awesome

Lester Holt: And then suddenly, as we have heard on some of the tapes what people said a staccato sound of machine gun fire. Did you recognize it as such?

Mike: First of all it was like fireworks, when the second one came and when my buddy actually got hit, then we knew this was serious.

Lester: Then it happens again?

Mike: And again, and again, he got hit three times in the chest

Lester: Did he remain conscious?

Mike: Yes the whole time.

Lester: So you have to worry about your own safety, but for him as well?

Mike: Correct.

Lester: Tell me what you did.

Mike: "Well we uh I knew where it came from. We've been around guns enough so we got down on him. He has his finger actually in the bullet hole so we took his shirt off and compressed it. For him and everyone else got down, I said everyone just stay down and don't move. And there was still some shooting somebody said 'let's get out of here.' So people started jumping the fence and there was chaos. So basically everyone got out of there except the people who were wounded or stayed with them.

Lester: So you were able to take some cover?

Mike: No we were in the open, but we weren't going to leave.

Lester: Was there any sense that these shots were aimed at any particular areas or was he just spraying?

Mike: He was so far away, it was just into a crowd.

Lester: In the daylight, we can see that window there it busted out, so from there and where you were, he could see everything?

Mike: Yes pretty much everybody there.

Lester: How did you guys get out? At some point you had to get your friend medical help. How did you do it?

Mike: Everybody basically left there were a few people, three other guys with me, and my buddy, what we had to do was get him over the aluminum fence, which would give us some shelter, and then under a stage. So we did that, we got him over the fence under the stage and basically we checked him for exit wounds and kept compression. There were a couple military vets, I don't know if they were doctors, but they were saying 'lets get him out of here get him into triage' so that's what we did.