Alaskan internet exchange connects marijuana growers to pot shops

Published: Apr. 19, 2017 at 8:33 PM AKDT
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An Alaskan entrepreneur is hoping to connect cannabis growers to sellers through the world wide web.

It's called the Alaska Cannabis Commodities Exchange, or for short. The website is described as a “web based wholesale platform” strictly for use by those in the cannabis industry holding a state marijuana permit.

Website founder Loren Dreyer said, there are no similar exchanges serving Alaska, and he got the idea by following the lead of entrepreneurs in states like Colorado and Washington, where similar websites are in operation.

No money is exchanged on the website nor does it cost any money to use, but rather Dreyer said the growers are encouraged to freely post wholesale product for sale, with either a price attached or a bidding option. Then retailers can enter a purchasing agreement with a marijuana store to settle outside the website on their own terms.

Dreyer, a marijuana retail startup hopeful himself, said with the limited amount of businesses growing marijuana in Alaska, it can sometimes be difficult for small shops to find and secure a steady stream of supply contracts.

“Instead of making phone calls and emails all the time, you can just have one platform,” said Dreyer. “Post a product, retailers see it and buy it, and after that a purchase agreement is emailed out to both parties.”

Dreyer said to date the website is slow to gain traction, with some in the industry skeptical to use the internet for business.

He ultimately hopes his cannabis exchange could help increase price transparency between buyers and sellers.