Bethel woman breaks world powerlifting record

Published: Nov. 17, 2017 at 12:57 PM AKST
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An Alaskan woman from Bethel has broken a squat world record Friday morning by lifting 603 lbs (273.5 kg). Natalie Hanson is in the 185 lb (84 kg) class, meaning her world record saw her lift more than three-times her body weight.

A video clip posted by the International Powerlifting Federation shows Hanson readying herself with a vocal crowd cheering her on. She lowers the enormous weight onto her shoulder while five spotters stand at the ready.

As she raises from a squat, Hanson pushes her tongue out. The crowd erupts.

Hanson told Channel two that she feels proud about winning gold and breaking two world records.

"It has only been about 12-hours so it is still sinking in! I’m really amazed by how many Alaskans were awake in the middle of the night to watch me compete. The support I receive from fellow Alaskans is unparalleled," said Hanson.

The record had previously been held by a Ukrainian named Kozlova Olena who lifted 591 lbs (268 kg) in 2014.

The World Open Powerlifting Championships are currently being held in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Hanson was one of two American women to break world records, the second was Bonica Lough in the 185 lb + class (84 kg) who lifted 689 lbs (312.5 kg).