Anchorage Assembly sends potential pot shop back to community council

Published: Jul. 17, 2018 at 10:20 PM AKDT
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In front of the Anchorage Assembly Tuesday, Anchorage citizens' calls for caution were answered by assembly leaders: A proposed license for a marijuana business looking to set up shop in a Midtown neighborhood will be re-reviewed by that area's community council.

Dick Traini was one of the multiple assembly leaders who said he wasn't prepared to approve a pot shop going in, simply because of concerns for the welfare of his constituents.

"If that means us going back to reach out to them again, that's not a problem to us," said owners of Turnagain Herb Company, the shop trying to move in.

An 11-0 vote sent the shop's retail license potential back to the community council. The shop owners testified that they had met all municipal and state standards to open their business, but that their goal was to be a positive influence for that neighborhood in Midtown.

The shop was granted licenses to manufacture and cultivate the plant before the Assembly voted to send them back to the Midtown community council. Now the shop owners will have to wait for a September 11th meeting before they can have another chance at selling, manufacturing, and cultivating pot products.

In the end, the shop's chance at opening up wasn't completely shut down - like some community members had hoped for - though some said they were happy with the action and having their concerns heard.

Ian McGowan, who lives in the neighborhood, said many of those who live near him were unaware that the shop had previously received approval from the Mountain View Community Council. This time, he said that he's going to make sure that everyone in that area is aware of this meeting so that the council can better understand the concerns of the neighborhood.