Was it speed or road rage? Anchorage Police investigate wreck on the Glenn Hwy

 A car was rear-ended while traveling 65 mph on the Glenn Highway Tuesday, Anchorage Police say.
A car was rear-ended while traveling 65 mph on the Glenn Highway Tuesday, Anchorage Police say. (KTUU)
Published: May. 30, 2018 at 1:59 PM AKDT
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Anchorage police say officers are still investigating


In an email, APD spokesperson Renee Oistad wrote, "The officer's investigation will not be completed until he's had the opportunity to contact all of the witnesses. The decision of issuing citations/pressing charges will not be made until then."

The driver of the car, Bill Collins, said he believes road rage played a part in the wreck. Collins says he was trying to move to the right-hand lane, out of the way of an SUV, when the other driver bumped him from behind.

"I felt the car start to go sideways and it spun all the way around and it went off the road and up against the fence," Collins said.

Collins says he was driving 65 miles per hour. An officer on the scene said the speed of the SUV was a factor in the wreck.

"Just going too fast," Patrol Officer Gary Curtis said. "I mean I get it, people get comfortable going at 70-75, but you know you gotta watch out for these other vehicles and they end up not paying attention and one thing leads to another and people get injured."

Last week,

, although 65 mph is the posted speed limit.

Sgt. Richard Steiding with APD's traffic unit said during that ride-along, that another problem on the Glenn and the Seward Highway is that people who are driving the posted 65 mph speed limit are being passed by drivers in the passing zone at unsafe speeds.

"There is no subset that says you can do 80 to pass people," Steiding said.

Collins and his dog, Jessie, both were able to get out of the upside down car with the help of a construction worker who stopped to help. Collins had a cut on his hand, but was otherwise all right. Jessie wasn't hurt.

"He didn't bark or nothing, didn't make a sound," Collins said about Jessie's reaction as the car began to flip. "He was quiet the whole time. I had to look back and make sure he was ok he was so quiet."