Anchorage cat dies in a trap on neighbor's lawn

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 11:07 AM AKDT
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When a pet leaves a home, there’s a lot for owners to worry about.

But Diana Pullar never expected that her missing cat would have met its end the way it did.

“To know that I live in east Anchorage,” Pullar said. “I do not live in a wooded neighborhood whatsoever. That somebody would set up a trap in their front yard. It's very disturbing.”

Pullar said she and her family returned home from a vacation earlier in September and missed the usual greet Beedee gave when they pulled into the driveway.

After a few days of sitting on the porch with food and calling out for Beedee, Pullar’s husband knocked on a neighbor’s door.

They told them that, “he heard a really bad cat noise,” Pullar said. “Probably something he had never heard before. So they went outside to see what the noise was. And that's when he saw that the trap was around the cat's neck.”

Pullar’s neighbor filed a report with Animal Care and Control once they saw the cat. The cat was found dead in a conibear trap on the lawn between two properties.

Anchorage Animal Care and Control said that a situation like this is rare, but pets killed in traps in the Municipality occasionally does happen.

Since there are no trapping in seasons open in Anchorage right now, it's not really a trapping issue,” said Pete Buist, spokesperson for the Alaska Trappers Association. “I would think that it's an issue between neighbors, cats going places where they are not welcomed.”

Anchorage municipal codes require owners to not allow pets to roam neighborhoods or have access to the property of others. But code also says a quarter-mile from a home is a prohibited trapping zone.

“This is something that should be within our city limits,” Pullar said. “We should be able to feel safe and we should be able to know that our animals are safe.”

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