Anchorage man arrested after stolen motorized Safeway cart becomes stuck in snow

Published: Nov. 8, 2017 at 10:50 AM AKST
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An Anchorage man was arrested on felony theft charges after police in the area say he was trying to drive a stolen electric shopping cart away from the grocery store to which it belongs.

The incident began in the early hours of Tuesday morning, when Rondell Chinuhuk, 32, of Anchorage, set out on a Safeway shopping cart at a Fairbanks-area store.

Employees noticed him leave the store on the cart at 3:14 a.m., an account which was later confirmed with security camera video.

Ten minutes later, Chinuhuk reached the intersection on the battery-powered cart, with a maxed out speed of under 2 mph, police say. Most of his journey on the stolen cart was spent driving from the grocery store accross the parking lot and into a nearby intersection.

An officer saw him stuck that intersection, the cart apparently inoperable and trapped in snow.

Chinuhuk allegedly told officers he was on his way back to return the cart, and was "just riding the cart to have fun," a spokesperson with the Fairbanks Police Department said.

The theft of the cart, which is valued at around $2,500, constitutes a felony..